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About Bhopal

Situated in Madhya Pradesh the State Capital Bhopal has an affluent and varied historical backdrop. The city is located north of the gorgeous Vindhya Mountain range and creates a periphery with its array of small hills. Bhopal today with its multi-faceted profile is an interesting place to visit.

About Bhopal

Known as the City of Lakes, it is a pleasing blend of tranquility and harmony. Located on a gradient, the metropolitan has a coliseum like eminence, with a fair dash of serene gardens and lakes.As we come close to the city, titanic minarets and mosques can be seen posturing as an emblematic indication of lake city . Bhopal has a widespread, well urbanized transportation network, which makes it reachable from diverse parts of the country.

Bhopal: Past and Present

Bhopal history Genesis of the city began in the eleventh century, when the prominent Raja Bhoja of the Parmara dynasty formed his capital Bhojapal, in the midst of the two striking man made lakes making it the first largest man made city. The city came into lime light when Dost Mohammed Khan, an Afghan soldier, took advantage of the weakness of later Mughal Emperors and annexed Bhopal.

Bhopal was the only city that was ruled successfully by four women rulers. The era of Begums that began in 1819 with the accession of Qudsia Begum continued till 1926, when her great great grand daughter Sultan Jahan Begum abdicated in favour of her son, Hamidullah Khan. Bhopal witnessed impressive growth during the rule of Begums as gave the city its railways, waterworks, a postal system and a municipality.

One can finds traces of Buddhists, Hindus, Mughals, Afghans cultural influences,all of which are blended to precision, providing Bhopal a distinctive uniqueness.The antiquated remnants of the forts construct by the Rajputs, Afghans and the Mughals articulate about the war, triumph and failure during the past era.

Even by considering the remains of the city one can have the glance of diverse cultures which survived in the past. These symbolize testimony to the glory of early times and present an awe-inspiring pleasure to the eyes. The city carries the obscurity, the friction, the appeal and the vitality of a city where the past coexists in accord with the present.Numerous kings have lined here and enhanced the temperament of the city. A vacation to the city is an immeasurably enthralling and gratifying experience.

After independence the city observed numerous transformations. The city became a center of attention due to horrific Bhopal Gas disaster. The leakage of toxic gases, including methyl isocyanate (MIC) on the night of 2-3 December 1984 led to the worst industrial disaster to date. Numerous innocent lives were lost. 

Till date many cases of gas-poisoning-related diseases are reported from city. Thankfully initiatives taken by the government has reduced the threat level. The site has been banned by the authorities.Today’s Bhopal has flourished into a city which provides a mesmerizing blend of charming beauty with its lakes, parks, temples, mosques, gardens, museums, statues and buildings.

Geography and Climate of Bhopal

Bhopal has an average elevation of 427 metres, positioned in the mid part of the country north of the Vindhya mountain ranges. Located on the Malwa plateau the city has jagged elevations with small hills within the boundaries. The foremost hills in the city encompass Idgah Hills and Shyamala Hills in the north and Arera Hills in the central region. Bhopal experiences a humid subtropical climate, with placid, dry winters, a hot summer and a humid monsoon season. 

Summers commences in late March and go on till mid-June with average temperature around 30 °C, with the peak summer in May, when the temperature exceed 40 °C .The monsoon season begins in late June and conclude in September experiencing recurrent thunderstorms and flooding. The usual temperature is around 25 °C and the humidity is fairly high. Temperatures go up again till late October when winter begins, which lasts up to early March. Winters are mild, sunlit and dry, with average temperatures around 18 °C with the highest point in January when temperatures may plunge close to freezing on some nights. Read More........

Bhopal Art and Culture

The city of Bhopal possesses a pride of immense historical experience which have unquestionably left their impression on the art and culture of the city. Bhopal is a picturesque one with two man made lakes and a stonework wall enclosing it. Bhopal Art and Culture are distinctive and represents beautiful amalgam of between Hindu and Muslim culture, making it the most remarkable characteristic about the city. Modern city has embraced novel ways of life without discarding the old. This integration of the old and the new has shaped an exclusive kind of culture in Bhopal.

Art and Culture of Bhopal

The State Government has taken all steps to safeguard the traditional culture of Bhopal Art. The multi-arts complex and museum Bharat Bhavan is a perfect example of the endeavor. The complex has an art gallery, theatre repertory, libraries of poetry, and other popular galleries. Equally impressive is the collection of artifacts gathered from various sources. Bharat Bhavan with its verdant, exquisitely laid out galleries, parks, broad avenues brings out the vividity & richness of the local art and culture of Bhopal.

The cuisine of the city replicates the traditional blend of the place. In addition to few luscious vegetarian dishes, Bhopal is also the originator of meat dishes like the spicy achar gost. The Bhopali paan is an integral part of the city’s culture as it replicates the peaceful and royal temperament of the local people.

Festivals and Fairs in Bhopal

Colorful festivals of Bhopal

Fairs and festivals are an indispensable part of Indian heritage. Bhopal rejoices the spirit of India through its diverse fairs and festivals.The main festivals celebrated in Bhopal are Diwali, Ram Navami, Eid, Ijtima etc. People across different sects of society take part in each others celebration. 

All major festivals no matter either of Hindu or Muslim or any other sects are celebrated with fervor and gaiety. Ijtima, a foremost festival of Muslim is prevalently celebrated in the city. This festival is held every year and stretches for three days. Muslim pilgrims come from diverse regions of India amass in Bhopal on this festival.

National Drama Festival
National Drama Festival is celebrated in the month of September with immense pomp and show. Artists, poets, writers assemble in huge figure to showcase their talent. Folk dance, song and cultural activities add further dazzle to the festival.

Bharat Bhavan Summer Festival
Bharat Bhavan Summer Festival is one of the key festivals which has gained high degree of appreciation and reception in Bhopal. Traditional music, songs, poem concerts, folk dance, art exhibition makes it a cultural fest not to be missed.

Dhrupad Samaroh
This festival is one of most admired festivals and it is celebrated with grand enthusiasm. Eminent artists present soul-stirring vocal and music concert. The traditional music lovers come from different corners of the world to witness the performances of their favorite artists.

This traditional festival of Lake City is celebrated every year on Republic Day. This festival stretches for five days and attracts citizens from across sections of society.Tribal and folk programs, cultural activities and performing arts makes it a colorful festival. The festival gives out the traditional flavor of Madhya Pradesh.

Bhopal Tourism

The new metropolitan has verdant, elegantly laid out gardens, wide street and sleek modern edifices. Capital of Madhya Pradesh, the city is recognized for its imposing mosques, bustle marketplaces and art and culture centers. 

The most admired monumental structure near Bhopal is the great Sanchi Stupa, which is a UNESCO declared heritage site and is one of the most astonishing Buddhist structures in Asia. Others like Taj-ul-Masjid, the Lakshmi Narayana Temple and the Shaukat Mahal, tied with the awe that the ancient caves of Bhimbhetka would beyond doubt leave you looking for more. Read More...........

Shopping in Bhopal

Shopping in Bhopal

Bhopal is dotted with several markets and bazaars which make it a popular place to shop .The two significant market places in the city are Chowk and New Market where you can find numerous popular shopping avenues and eating outlets. In these places you can find range of colorful and beautiful items. Enjoy shopping in Mrignayani Emporium and Handicrafts Emporium. The city further offers shopping at the Women's Co-op Zari Centre and Pir Gate where one can splurge on beautiful zari works and chiffon sarees.

Transportation in Bhopal

Transportation is well operational and offers its guests a happy and comfortable trip to the different tourist locations. This city is well reachable by air, rail and buses. There are diverse modes of transportation thus providing the visitors to choose according to his budget. The city has maintained its old charm as a Mughal city and still inhabits a significant place as the capital of the Indian State of Madhya Pradesh.

Those traveling to the city by Air would land at the Bhopal Airport which is 12 Kilometers from the ancient Bhopal city. There are regular flights from Bhopal connecting major cities of India. Transportation to the city is made easier as two major Railway Stations in Bhopal, Bhopal Railway Station in old Bhopal and the Habibgunj Railway Station in New Bhopal are well linked to other cities. Wide-ranging public transportation system in the city is civilized and the buses, autos and tempos travel to most parts of the city making a cake walk experience for the tourists and the locals

Bhopal at a glance

State: Madhya Pradesh
Metropolitan Area: 837.24 sq. km. (1991)
Languages spoken: Hindi, Urdu and English
Altitude: 1597 ft above sea level
Winter temperature: 6° C - 27° C
Summer temperature: 24° C - 41° C
Best time to visit: October to March
STD Code: 0755
Major tourist attractions: Jama Masjid, Upper Lake, Lower lake, Sanchi Stupa, Fish Aquarium, Bhimbetka Caves, Bharat Bhawan, Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya, Van Vihar National park, Taj-ul-Masjid
Major festivals: Diwali, Ijtima, Ram Navami, National Drama Festival, Dussehra, Dhrupad Samaroh, Lokrang
Major fairs: Utsav mela, Bhopal Mahotsav

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