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Bhopal Memorial Hospital & Research Centre

Today Bhopal Memorial Hospital stands as a foremost hospital in Bhopal city imparting wholesome treatment to suffering patients. It is one of the most visited hospital in the city. The hospital is made in the memories of all the victims of Bhopal gas tragedy.

Keeping in pace with the Covid 19 crisis, Bhopal Memorial Hospital has upgraded its facilities. With a separete ward equipped with ventilators and testing lab it is doing all to serve the residents of the city. It has also set up helpline for corona affected patients. Today it is among the top rated Covid hospitals in Bhopal.But before going further it is wise to know in brief about the deadly incident that shocked the nation and the world.

Bhopal Memorial Hospital & Research Centre

It was chilly winter night of 2nd December 1984 when hell broke over Bhopal. Due to gross negligence tonnes of the extremely toxic MIC (methyl isocyanate) gas inadvertently leaked from the pesticide plant of Union Carbide Limited. Within hours the lively city turned into a graveyard. Officially more than 3000 people lost their life while many lay injured.

Advocating the cause of the innocent people the Supreme Court of India gave instructions to make available sophisticated super-specialty treatment to the patients. As a result Bhopal Memorial Hospital & Research Centre (BMHRC) at Karond came into existence and was recognized in fulfillment with the court instructions to provide free of cost world class treatment to the gas tragedy victims.

About Bhopal Memorial Hospital

Bhopal Memorial Hospital and Research Center is a 350-bed mulch-specialty tertiary-care center. Apart from the core hospital and research units, there are eight outpost health centers across the city. The hospital was established with the aim to provide wholesome treatment to all those siffering from grave ailments of the lungs, brain, eyes, muscles, gastrointestinal, neurological, reproductive and immune systems. It has outstanding infrastructure with high-tech medicinal equipment for diagnosis, therapy and research. BMHRC takes benign care of its patients.

At BMC patients gets all the needed care and considerations required for treatment. This multi-specialty health care center has some of the best doctors of India. These working professionals with proven track record and experience can deal with every complex situation.Equipped with modern infrastructure and with the team of specialized physicians, consultant, therapists, fitness trainer, the hospital help in the early recovery of the patients. In short they provide a comfortable transition to recovery. Bhopal Memorial Hospital & Research Centre provides highly individualized treatment with personal touch in a comfortable healing environment.Additional facilities like easily accessible rest homes and cafeterias add to the comfort level of patients and their caretakers.

Aims of Research Center

Research center was attached with the hospital to carry out researches on the long-standing effects of MIC in the existing population of the Bhopal gas tragedy as well as on further remedial situations. Two most important study objectives of the center are in-utero contact to MIC and its probable allegation in the immune system of the sufferers and toxic-genomic consequences subsequent to coverage in the survivors.Some of the additional areas of research include diverse aspect of therapeutic biotechnology including source and development of aging and cancer, abnormalities in immune system and more.

Training Courses in BMHRC

The BMHRC has come into sight as a centre of distinction for Wet-Lab training in the area of medical biotechnology up to the postgraduate level in Life Sciences. This is a hospital with a distinction, born out of tragedy with its focus on scientific research.The research services provided by the BMHRC are in the departments of anaesthesia, cardiology, cardiothoracic surgery, medical gastroenterology, nephrology, neuro-medicine, neurosurgery, ophthalmology, pathology, microbiology, psychiatry, pulmonary medicine, radiology, surgical gastroenterology and urology. Diversifying its operation BMHRC now has a Para Medical Institute, Nursing college to train and educate students in the relevant field.

Mini Units in Bhopal Memorial Hospital

The Bhopal Memorial Hospital and Research center has eight mini units across the city. These centers were set up near the areas most affected by the leaks.The first of these centers was installed on 9th March, 1998 at Kainchi Chhola. This is the center neighboring to the Union Carbide Factory.
It is at the mini units that where patients are registered and provided photo ID cards subsequent to confirmation of papers. The process is continuing and at present there are 375000 registered MIC gas-affected patients. Each of these mini units offers wide-ranging health care free of cost, to the patients.

Mini Unit I

Kainchi Chhola CHHOLA
Location: Near Railway Crossing, Kainchi Chhola
Tel No:07552730084

Mini Unit II

Station Bajariya
Location:Station Bajariya, Near Bhopal Railway Station Platform 1
Tel No:07552730419, 07552747001

Mini Unit III

Location:Near New National Textile Mill, Chandbad , Bhopal
Tel No:07552746100, 07552740657

Mini Unit IV

Teela Jamalpura
Location:Near Police Station, Teela Jamalpura, Bhopal
Tel No:07552743731, 07552734560

Mini Unit V

Location:Near Hamidia Collage, Ginnori, Bhopal
Tel No:07552548061

Mini Unit VI

Location:Near Raj Bhawan
Tel No:07552572504

Mini Unit VII

Location:Near Main BMHRC Building
Tel No:07552742212

Mini Unit VIII

Bal Vihar
Location:Bal Vihar, Near Bhopal Talkies, Bhopal
Tel No:07552539691

OPD Timing of Mini Units

Monday to Friday 8 am to 1 pm , 2 pm to 4 pm
Saturday 8 am to 1 pm

Facilities Offered at Mini Units

  • Registration of Patients (MIC Gas Affected)
  • Medical OPD
  • Ophthalmology OPD
  • Referral to BMHRC main hospital
  • Distribution of medicines
  • X Ray
  • ECG
  • Pathology investigations: Basic Hematology,
  • Nursing Care: Injections and Dressings,
  • Distribution of ID cards (MIC Gas Affected)
A Mini Unit has one Medical professional, one Ophthalmologist, three to four medical officers, technicians, Paramedical staff and supporting personnel. It is well-thought out plan to make available primary care consultation and first aid, distribution of medicines, neutralization for patients with COPD / Asthma, and basic ophthalmic care. Basic tests can be carried out at these centers where as intricate cases, cases needing surgical interference, and super-specialist interventions are passed on to the main hospital.

Bhopal Memorial Hospital & Research Centre

Bhopal Memorial Hospital & Research Center
Raisen Bypass Road, Near Karond Chouraha,
Bhopal - 462038 (M.P.)
Phones: 0755 2742212-16
FAX: 0755 2748309
Website: https://bmhrc.ac.in/index.aspx

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