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Bhopal Municipal Corporation

Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh counts amongst most developing cities of India . Apart from its picturesque location it is one of the major economic center in Central India. The city itself has expanded both in terms of size and infrastructure. The credit for up keeping the ever growing city goes to Bhopal Municipal Corporation which is also responsible for the civil infrastructure development of the city. The whole area of 285 square km comes under BMC. The Bhopal Municipal Corporation consists of 66 different wards. The BMC is headed by an IAS officer as Commissioner of Bhopal and the elected governing head as Mayor of Bhopal.

Role & Responsibilities of Bhopal Municipal Corporation

The BMC is mainly responsible for the upkeep of civil infrastructure and administration of the city. The detailed responsibilities of the administrating body is listed out below.
  • It is responsible to look after the public works of the city
  • All the revenues and taxes come under the BMC responsibility
  • BMC is accountable for the water supply in the city
  • The planning and development start from the BMC office
  • Fire brigade is controlled by BMC
  • Heath and Sanitation is BMC's responsibility
  • BMC manages finance and accounts of various aspects for the city
  • The BMC is responsible for the management of heritage in the city
  • The gardens and parks are maintained by BMC
  • Public relation is governed by BMC in Bhopal
  • The general administration is governed by BMC in Bhopal
  • Departments in Bhopal Municipal Corporation

Departments of Bhopal Municipal Corporation

Bhopal Municipal Corporation

Public Works

This department responsible for the maintenance of civic amenities and comprises of two division:Mechanical Division and Electrical Division. The main function of the department is to provide street lights in all the 66 wards and also up gradation and maintenance of electrical appliances/equipment's of their Zonal & Ward offices.The supply and the maintenance is the main accountability.


Revenue Department is responsible for the dealing and collection of all kind of revenues and taxes including property tax, housing tax within the city. By doing that it ensures timely collection of dues and arrears from the citizens. The department also sends notices to the defaulters and charge penalty for the default.

Water Supply

The supply of fresh water to the city, cleaning of water, pipeline of water and all other aspects comes under the ambit of Water Supply department. This department takes care of all the 66 wards and ensure timely and equal delivery of the water in all wards.Up keeping and fixing of leakages in water pipes is done by the department

Planning and Development

The planning and development for the Bhopal city is handled by this department of BMC. The civil infrastructure and other infrastructure projects are taken care by the department. The department also check on any issues relating to land grabbing or illegal construction within Bhopal.

Fire Brigade

The life saver Fire Brigade comes under the Bhopal Municipal Corporation. The services of Fire Brigade is available for all the wards and is monitored by BMC. The department not only takes care about the availability of Fire brigades but also make sure their availability on time to tackle high rising flames.

Health and Sanitation

Health and Sanitation the most important part of Bhopal city and is handled effectively by BMC. Starting form providing basic medical facilities to sewage cleaning, cleaning of city, maintenance sanitary structures like public toilets and bathrooms all and many other comes under the preview of this department.

Finance and Accounts

The finance and accounts for various projects in the city is maintained by the department. This department is also known as the brain of BMC.

Heritage Cell

Bhopal is a city of heritage and the Heritage Cell maintains and looks after all the heritage buildings in the city.This department is responsible to take care of the glorious historical monuments of Bhopal . Repairing and other important work of any religious or secular monument is done by the department.


The parks and gardens within Bhopal are taken care by Bhopal Municipal Corporation. From planting new varieties of herbs and shrubs the department also works on cutting and trimming of the hedges.All the beautiful parks and gardens are maintained by the Bhopal Municipal Corporation. Starting from cutting grasses to make over of every gardens are the responsibility of this department.

General Administration

This department helps all other departments. The recruitment process is handled by the administrative part along with creating awareness of the issues and delivering a transparent system to the people of Bhopal.

Contact Details

Bhopal Municipal Corporation

Address: Sadar Manzil, Nagar Nigam, Bhopal
Phone: 0755 2542070
Commissioner Office : 0755 2540399
BMC Complaint Center : 0755 2701000

The immense effort and hard work of Bhopal Municipal Corporation has made Bhopal a better city and under the skillful governance of BMC, Bhopal is still expanding and growing in healthy manner.

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