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Food in Bhopal

Bhopal, capital of Madhya Pradesh coalesce charming exquisiteness, historic ethnicity and contemporary metropolitan development. Food here is distinguished by the blend of Hindu and Muslim culinary ethnicity and is best recognized for its affluent gamut of zesty meat dishes. Kebabs and curries craft the most well acknowledged recipes from the cuisine of the city. In summers, serving of food in general conclude with fruit including mangoes, melons, custard apples, and papayas. The specialties of this provincial cuisine stand up as a sturdy persuade of the momentous Nawabi cuisine from the Mughal epoch which embrace dishes like Biriyani, Rogan Josh, Keema, Seekh kebab and Shami kebab. A lot of things of the state are diverse and the cuisines of this Malwa region are no exemption. Once you flavor the abundant lip-smacking customary dishes, you will have a tough moment preventing your hand and rewarding your heart.

Food in Bhopal

Food Habits of Bhopal

The cuisine of the city has a mix of Rajasthani and Gujrati cuisines along with the tinge of Moughal flavor. Jowar and Wheat are the staple food. The most famous traditional dish is 'bhutte ki kees' which mainly constitutes corn, milk and ghee. ‘Tapu’ is another famous dessert which is made of wheat. Non Vegetarian lovers can treat their taste buds with meat and fish delicacies. The main delicacies are the spicy achar gost (pickled lamb), the splendid kheema (minced meat), the delicious rogan josh (mutton dish) and an assortment of pulaos (aromatic rice) – sufficient to craft yet the most finicky eater lick his lips. Last but not the least the end of the meal is rejoiced by the city’s most renowned Bhopali Paan (betel leaf) which can be relished in every nook and corner of the city. The toppings of the paan are diverse varying from supari to dry fruits. The people of the city take pride in the art of Paan making which serves as natural refresher.

Popular Dishes of Bhopal

Food lovers always look for the local foods wherever they go to taste something unique. Visitors in Bhopal will never be disappointed once they get taste of the region. Bhopal’s cuisines have ample variety and fusion element that can be noticed during visits to this city. It is worth noticing that city’s cuisine includes exclusive delicacies from both vegetarian dishes to non-vegetarian foods. Dal-Bafla is one such unique snacks prepared from wheat as cakes that remain special item to taste in the city. These specially prepared cakes are dunked into ghee. Its taste become manifold when eaten with thick bowl of dal (pulses). Likewise, variety of seasonal fruits and sweet dishes remain part and parcel of Bhopal’s cuisines. Meat delicacies are though exceptionally important exquisite options to choose from the list of variety of foods. The plethora of spicy meat dishes served in this city today is the legacy of its erstwhile Muslim rulers introduced several such food varieties here over the last few centuries during their rule in this region. Popular amongst the dishes in Bhopal including famous Spicy Achar Gosht; various types of Keemas; Rogan Josh; Korma; Biryani Pilaf; Succulent Kababs and Pulaos amongst others.

Popular Non-Vegetarian Dishes in Bhopal

Although the cuisines of Bhopal offer mixed varieties with vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods the dishes that seek attention of all and sundry are its famous non-vegetarian dishes. They are part and parcel of its tradition passed down from several centuries when the area was under the rule of Nawabs. The methods to prepare such non-vegetarian dishes are entirely different from other areas where same dishes are cooked with varied taste. Here are some of the notable on-vegetarian dishes from Bhopal that remain sought after by the visitors and locals alike.

Bhopal famous foods

Sheek Kabab: Uniquely prepared Sheek Kababs of Bhopal are a must to taste while travelling to this city of Madhya Pradesh. Interestingly Sheek Kebab preparation method is very easy hence it can be prepared very fast. Its major and minor ingredients include lean beef or lamb mince; chopped fresh mint; mild curry paste; fresh green chillies; chopped fresh coriander; garlic cloves; garam masala; salt and dried onion flakes as per requirement.

Achar Gosht: Famous meat dish of Bhopal namely Achar Gosht is usually prepared from chicken. Its other ingredients are too many pickle spices and decoration stuffs. One can use mutton instead of chicken to prepare this dish if want to do so.

Keema: Prepared from the minced mutton meat, Keema remains one of the most delightful dishes of Bhopal which everybody likes to taste.

Keema Pulav: Bhopal’s another notable non-vegetarian dishes namely Keema Pulav is a must try during visits. Its major and minor ingredients are minced lamb meat, Basmati Rice and numerous types of spices and herbs to give aromatic flavor.

Biryani Pilaf: Prepared from the Basmati Rice and multiple types of spices to be used to cook the famous dish it contains other ingredients like meats, vegetables, ghee and cream. One can use either chicken or mutton meat to prepare it. Food critics consider this dish a South Asian version of the Mughal Biryani that remained equally sought after.

Roghan Josh: It is said to be originated in Kashmir, famous Roghan Josh dish as part of Mughal cuisine is popular in Bhopal. The ingredients used to prepare it are lamb meat, onions, shallot and spices like cloves, cardamom, cinnamon and chillies amongst others. This gravy based dish is served along with either Rumali or Tandoori rotis.

Sweets and Snacks of Bhopal

Sweets of Bhopal are equally relishing. They include local sweets and snacks of its kind. In beverages, delicious and favorite drinks such as sugarcane juice and buttermilk are worth tasting. One of the special local liquors from Bhopal is prepared from fresh flowers of Mahua tree that remains highly sought after.

Sweet dishes in Bhopal like Jalebi, Faluda and Rabri are prominent ones common in this city. The chowks or inner city circles in Bhopal are the places where one can enjoy taste variety of such stuffs. They are equally popular in all households of the city. Some of the commonest of sweets found in this city are Petha prepared from white pumpkin, sugar, kitchen lime and alum powder; Balushahi prepared from Maida flour, yogurt, oil and sugar; Double ka Meetha prepared from loaf bread and milk; Gajar ka Halwa prepared from carrots, milk and fruit salads; Rasgulla prepared from Chhena, sugar and milk; Gulab Jamun prepared from milk powder, milk, baking soda, unsalted butter, oil, water, cardamom powder, kesar and sugar.

Famous Food Joints in Bhopal

Bhopal remains a paradise for the foodies due to providing ample options to its visitors to enjoy foods of their choice from local, national and of course international cuisines. Sweet, sour and spicy chaat is a famous dish in Bhopal like other options but many global dishes make it popular destination to enjoy food varieties. On one side of Jama Masjid the famous Kalyan Singh’s Swad Bhandar where you can find people relishing the morning breakfast with piping hot Poha with Sev and Jalebis. After the delicious breakfast, do relish in Sulemani chai which is slightly salty and rich in cream. There are many restaurants which offer Bhopal food, one such notable restaurant is Noor-us-Sabah Palace. One can enjoy the splendid view of the Bada Talab with a platter of Nawabi delicacies in the open air restaurant. The Koh-e-Fiza is another renowned restaurant offering its customers the true flavor of the city. Some of the dishes which should be enjoyed in the restaurant are Bhopali filfora, khada masala ka gosht, kaccha kebab etc.

Hotels in Bhopal

For evening snack flavor the barfi rasmalai at the famous Surendra Jain’s stall which treats you sweet rabri and the aroma of Rose water sprinkled on it. The Chatori Gali is a paradise for meat lovers. The street is packed with vendors selling meat and fish with delicious taste at a reasonable price. The significance of the place is that the meat is cooked in front of you and served with green chutney and tangy topping. Many such restaurants are spread in almost all parts of the city to make it great option for the visitors and locals to enjoy food of their choices. They serve hygienic and delicious foods in affordable rates. Here is the list of some of the famous restaurants of Bhopal that offer best options to taste quality food and enjoy great time in this city.

New INN Restaurants & Coffee House
Address: Plot No 28, Bhadbhada Road, New Market, Bhopal (MP) – 462003
Phone No: +(91)-755-4223777, +(91)-9893895213

Laziz Hakeem Hotel
Address: 187/A, MP Nagar, Zone 01, Bhopal (MP) – 462011
Phone No: +(91)-755-4222227, +(91)-8818882815

CKC—Chai Ki Chuski
Address: Shop No.2 Green City Mall, Gulmohar Colony, Gulmohar Colony, Bhopal (MP) – 462039
Phone No: +(91)-9806199198

Cowboy Restaurant
Address: Plot No 12, Upper First Floor, Habibganj Road, Bhopal (MP) – 462016
Phone No: +(91)-755-4270500, +(91)-9301746230

Dhuaaa Lounge & Restaurant
Address: 203, 2nd Floor, Raksha Tower, Kolar Road, Chunabhatti, Bhopal (MP) – 462016
Phone No: +(91)-755-4077333, +(91)-8889336688

Chinese Chap Family Restaurant
Address: Shop No-19, Amrit Complex, Raisen Road, Bhopal (MP) – 462022
Phone No: +(91)-755-4010444, +(91)-9200910009

Besides these restaurants mentioned above, several other food joints and multi-cuisine restaurants in Bhopal city to offer great choice for variety of foods. One can taste preferred food and enjoy fun moments in this city of royals that depict from its cuisines.

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