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Kamla Park In Bhopal

Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh is a fascinating place for all the curious nature lovers. The greenest city of India is bordered by two famous lakes namely Upper lake and Lower lake.The historical city has always registered its name in the annals of history. Today you can find the imprints of its glorious past scattered throughout the nook and corners of the city. Busy yet beautiful Bhopal is known for its scenic beauty, historical places and modern infrastructure. The city is adorned with numerous parks and gardens. One amongst them is famous Kamla Park . One should take out time to visit this beautiful park in Bhopal. Amongst many other parks in Bhopal Kamla Park has special significance as being one of the most visited and beautiful park in the 'City of Lakes' Bhopal.

Parks in Bhopal

Kamla Park is located near the famous Upper Lake . One should never miss visiting this park while traveling to Bhopal. The park is a favorite place among teenagers and love birds. It is a famous picnic spot for families in Bhopal. At the entry of the park there is a big imposing gate having two architectural domes . The park is surrounded by the countless trees and flowers and its greenery is instrumental in attracting tourists from far and wide. The park is located very near to the famous Upper Lake in Bhopal, which itself is a famous picnic spot in Bhopal. Known for its exquisite beauty and aloofness, Upper lake Bhopal is one of the finest picnic spot in the city. Here you can experience boating in various types of boats.

Major Attraction Inside Kamla Park Bhopal

The main attraction of the park is the well laid flower beds with assortment of beautiful flowers. A temple is also located inside Kamla park which also attracts devotees to the park.The park is very spacious with trees along with the boundaries .Well maintained and designed bushes are the key attractions of the park. Apart from tourists from outside the city, the residents of city also visits the park at least on the weekends. It is a famous picnic spot for school children and teenagers coming along with their families.

There are benches on every corner of the park . One can sit there to enjoy the beauty of the nature. The park has plenty of beautiful and colorful flowers and is a home to many birds . Here you can find many beautiful species of birds.The park is located in a very calm and clean place. People living in nearby areas visit the park daily during early morning hours. The park transforms into a jogger's park during morning hours when both young and old can be seen doing various exercises. The park gives them immense pleasure and freshness which energizes their mind and soul. One can’t find any other pleasant park like Kamla Park in Bhopal .

How to Reach Kamla Park?

It is located near Upper Lake and is well-connected via all means of local transportation.

Address: Kamla Park Retghat Bhopal, Kamla Park Rd, Professors Colony,
Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462001

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