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Kanha Fun City

Everyone likes to take a break from their regular day to day work. But then often get puzzled as what to do or where to spend coming weekend or vacation. In Bhopal you can have loads of fun by choosing to spend quality time in Kanha Fun City. The very beautiful and amazing amusement/water park has everything to attract your eyes and attention.

Tourist attractions in Bhopal

Bhopal that once grabbed international attention for a very tragic industrial disaster, today is one of the greenest cities of India. Also known as the "City of Lakes", this place has some beautiful natural lakes. It’s also home to one of the most visited Amusement/ water park in Central India. Kanha Fun City located on NH 12 between Bhopal & Hoshangabad is about 14 Kms from Bhopal . It’s the only Amusement/ Water Park near Bhopal. This place often find mention in the list of famous tourist places in Bhopal and is perfect for a weekend vacation with the family. If you’re in the mood to splash around in water this place is perfect for you.

The park is divided into two parts i.e. the amusement and water park, each having equally thrilling and fun rides. There is an entrance fee which is round about Rs 300 per single adult and children, except babies, for both parks. Elderly people above 60 are also exempted from the entrance fee. The park remains open all day between 10am and 6pm. With proper arrangements to stay,dine and amuse Kanha City park has all to keep its visitors engaged.

Kanha Fun City also has two big lawns where to host weddings and parties and can hold up to 2000 to 3000 persons at a time. Both sides of the park have some amazing rides and never ending fun. The park is located on a beautiful green landscape surrounded by greenery all around. Kanha Fun City has the rooms to stay. The tariff depends on your choice of room. While A/C Double Bed costs around Rs.1250 A/C Deluxe can be accessed at Rs.1650. Similarly A/C Suite costs around Rs. 2050. The Motel has 24 hrs check out time

Popular Rides Inside Kanha Fun City

Places to visit in Bhopal

Swing Chair

This exciting ride is a combination of thrills, chills, and delights for crowds looking for extra fun in Kanha Fun City, Bhopal. You go up to a height of 18feet swinging very fast. It starts from 0 Degree and reaches up to 85 Degree. It is certain that people from all ages will enjoy this unforgettable ride.

Flying Dutchman

Apart from Swing Chair you must try very thrilling Flying Dutchman. Four passengers can enjoy the ride flying up and down in aero planes.

Break Dance

The break dance is another glorious ride where you get to scream your head off as you are swung at a high speed within the swing with triple twisting swing at regular intervals.

Friz Bee

This ride takes in 48 people at once and rocks and swings them simultaneously to and fro to a level of 60 Degree.

Jumping Frog

As the name suggests, this frog like train jumps a bit while on the move.

Bungy Jump

This ride really test your quest for more fun and adventure. Bungy Jump involves jump up and down 30 feet in the air. Adequate measures for safety is as there is a bumping mattress below you.

Family Train

If you’re looking for just some peaceful ride inside Kanha Fun City with the family you can try the family train. The train moves around in different landscape giving you a feeling of complete Safari drive.

Water MGR

Here you can find prototype of ancient boats moving around in the water pool.

Dashing Car

Everyone loves dashing cars, if you haven’t been in one yet, here’s your chance. These electric driven cars move on a steeled platform and can turn up to 180 degree with a second. It’s very exciting as the cars bumps into other cars too which increases the excitement.


This is a bull like built ride. Hold the horns of the crazy bull which jumps up & down , right / left & than moves around both the sides. The artificial ride reminds of real Rodio in the United States.


This colorful ride has cabins with safety doors which goes around up & down.

Mono Cycle

Enjoy cycling around the tracks in the air at a height of about 15 feet. You will love the whole new experience while traveling around the tracks.

Video Games

For the games crazy kids the place serves as an aboard of entertainment. Try out games like car racing, motor cycle racing, air hockey, and many more amidst comfortable settings.

Kids Zone

Here there are different games for your tiny tots that they can enjoy.

Enterprises Ride

It consists of a swing that provides thrill by lifting on to a right angle up to 70 giving an effect of a takeoff and landing with high speed circular movement.

On the other side of the park, you’ll find sprawling Water Park. There is probably no place so exciting in Bhopal. Both young and old can have equal fun inside water park. The amazing rides are enough to appeal every one. Either Wave Pool or Tube Slide or others like Cyclone, Body Slide, Family Slide etc. each have their own craze.

Some of the amazing rides at Water Park are:

Wave Pool

With length of 200’ & width of 40’ the pool gives you the feel of being in the high tides of the sea. It is a perfect place to get rid from the scotching heat of the sun.

Tube Slide

Pass through 330 ft long tube slide filled with water. A totally new and unforgettable experience in the city.


It’s a tunnel like slide with the length of 140 feet. The connected bowl with the hole in the middle for customers to fall beneath in the pool of 4’ depth. The radius of the bowl is 25’.

Body Slide

Slide down on your back from 160' long bay. Most often both parents and kids together opt to enjoy this very option in the Water Park.

Turning Point

If you seek something more thrilling, then this slide slides you down at a high speed to lift you at a certain point to makes a U turn and again land in the pool with speed.

Family Slide

Here your whole family of 4-6 can slide down together. This slide is a length of 30’.

Multiply System

The little toddlers too deserve something fun. There are 4 small slides in the kid’s pool so that they can also enjoy themselves. There is also a baby pool.

Aqua Disco

Besides all of the rides, don't forget the Aqua Disco while visiting Kanha Fun City Park.Enjoy the moves on favorite music at the Aqua Disco in the the rain. This has high volumed disco music with showers and also disco light effects.Kanha Fun City is definitely worth your time and a fun place for everyone, from young too old to enjoy.

Kanha Fun City

Address: Kanha's Fun City, Rukmani Amusement Ltd. Hoshangabad Road,
Ratanpur, Bhopal - 462047
Phone No.: +91-2499463, 2499464, 6542020
Fax: +91-755-2499464
Mobile: +91-9826989744
E-mail: info@kanhafuncity.com

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