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Lifestyle in Bhopal

A city is often recognized by the lifestyle of its inhabitants. Similar philosophy is applicable in the case of capital city Bhopal. The living standard of people here describe much about the age old city. which is also the capital of Madhya Pradesh. They also shed light on the glorious past, culture, and tradition of the city. As Bhopal has been ruled by numerous kings and kingdoms since centuries, this city of lakes is famous for its historic recounts. Its extensive cultural amalgamation makes this city one of the most sought after by the tourists. Such greatness depicts from the living standards and lifestyles of people in this city that remained in the limelight since centuries due to historic value and grate civilization.

Bhopal Lifestyle

Traditional Lifestyle in Bhopal

People in Bhopal coexist with religious harmony ensuring well being of the city. Legacies of its cultural richness can be found in every nook and corner of the city. The traditional culture of simple living and high thinking is visible everywhere. Dressing senses, food habits and living styles are all extensive and unique. One of the extensive cultural panorama of Bhopal is paan eating (betel leaf) tradition which is age old and prevail in the society since centuries. Although most people prefer traditional outfits of shirts and pants and women like salwar-kameez dresses. The city has several traditional bazaars where affordable dressing options are available for the masses. As the demand of Western outfits is growing fast due to constant influence of that culture, one witnesses numerous shops that deal into jeans, shirts and the outfits’ common amongst the modern young generation.
Influence of

Western Lifestyle in Bhopal

As the inhabitants of Bhopal are turning more health conscious each passing of the day, they approach the beauty salons, parlors and various spas that have established in the city in the recent past. Several state of the art gyms and fitness centers are also seen in this fast growing city.A drastic change has occurred in Bhopal like many other developing cities of India in the last couple decades in terms of food preferences. The youngsters and even those in the old-age categories are also seen enjoying fast foods in various restaurants located in the city. The outlets supplying fast foods are indeed much in demand nowadays because of the preferences and likings of large chunk of masses in the city.

Fast Food Culture in Bhopal

Bhopal distinguishes itself with the variety of Bhopali dishes or foods with comparatively milder cooking style that bring unique taste even though they are less spicy. Several popular snacks and foods prepared in the Bhopal households are indeed localized forms of national foods or many of immensely local in nature. Most such foods are completely non-vegetarian dishes like Bhopali Murgh Rezala, Paneer Rezala, Bhopali Gosht Korma, Murgh Hara Masala Rice and Murgh Nizami amongst others but large chunk of vegetarian food varieties have also attained popularity in the region. Fast foods remain one of the key attractions for them due to easy preparation and fast serving. Such delicacies are sometimes mix of various types of foods including locals and Chinese or other fast food categories. They provide great variety of food options to locals and visitors for memorable retreat. Here is the list of some of the famous fast food joints in Bhopal that offer you great opportunity to enjoy great fast food during your stay.

Neo Politan Pizza
Address: Plot Number 186, Ground Floor, Zone 1, MP Nagar, Bhopal (MP) – 462011
Phone No: +(91)-755-4273334, +(91)-9425677527

I Like Gourmet
Address: Shop No G-14, Vijay Stambh, Zone 1, MP Nagar, Bhopal MP) – 462011
Phone No: +(91)-755-4287774, +(91)-9993006888

Pizza Hut
Address: Shop No 3, Drishti Plaza, Mandakini Housing Society, Kolar Road, Bhopal (MP) – 462042
Phone No: +(91)-755-3377330, 3988398

Dominos Pizza
Address: Ground Floor, Prakash Towers, Ward No 33, Plot No 8, Malviya Nagar, Bhopal (MP) – 462003 Phone No: +(91)-755-4020950, +(91)-7554020950

Chai 34
Address: HIG-34 Shivaji Nagar, No 6 Locality, Main Road, Arera Colony, Bhopal (MP) – 462016
Phone No: +(91)-9039995906

Address: 167 Shop No 3, MP Nagar, Bhopal (MP) – 462011
Phone No: +(91)-8880870870, 9755633388

Fitness Centers in Bhopal

There are many fitness centers spread in different parts of Bhopal city. Some of them are unisex while many gyms are exclusive for men and women. Such centers offer best avenues to the inhabitants and visitors of Bhopal to enjoy great time of workouts and through body care. They therefore play great roles in helping the masses maintain their fitness and enjoy life stress free. These centers, including many spas play crucial role to help the masses maintain their fitness level. Most women have been joining them by keeping in view the health-consciousness they have developed over the last few years. Below is mentioned a list of such fitness centers and spas operating in Bhopal city to bring great respite for the masses.

Nikky Bawa Spa Treat
Address: Shop A/1, B/2, B/3 & B/4, 2 Floor, Platinum Plaza, New Market, Bhopal (MP) – 462003
Phone No: +(91)-755-2776020, +(91)-9752000158

Ishas The Beauty Lounge Saloon & Spa
Address: Plot No 171, 1st Floor, Kalibari Road, Awadhpuri, Bhopal (MP) – 462022
Phone No: +(91)-7354000222, 9993333322

Vansa Beauty Salon & Training School
Address: 60, Vaishali Nagar, Nehru Nagar, Bhopal (MP) – 462003
Phone No: +(91)-755-2671098, +(91)-9826377353

Honey Beauty Salon And Spa N Laser Centre
Address: B-67 Chetak Tower, Kasturba Nagar, Bhopal (MP) – 462024
Phone No: +(91)-755-2583309, +(91)-9893099074

Rosberry Beauty Salon
Address: 25, New MLA Quarters, Jawahar Chowk, Bhopal (MP) – 462003
Phone No: +(91)-755-4281922, +(91)-7415620588

Jawed Habib Hair And Beauty Salon
Address: Plot No 5, Bank Street, MP Nagar, Bhopal (MP) – 462011
Phone No: +(91)-755-4094888, +(91)-9713744888

Nightlife in Bhopal

Being capital city of the largest state in the central Indian region of Madhya Pradesh the city of Bhopal offers good nightlife option to the visitors. The city is not advanced like its counterparts Mumbai or other cities of similar caliber in nightlife. Nightlife is still in its adapting phase in Bhopal. The cultural and traditional richness of the inhabitants of Bhopal have never augured nightlife culture here but that trend has been developing since last couple of decades. Several night clubs have been established in the city to offer wonderful nightlife retreat. Many other bars operate here which offer ample options to drink variety of wines. Good drinks with music and ambience bring desired nightlife choice to the visitors. Here is a list of some of the famous bars and pubs one can visit during Bhopal stay.

Shergar Pub: Located in Jehan Numa Palace, 157, Shamla Hills, Bhopal (MP), it offers quiet relaxed environment for evening drinks. It also provides good choice for wide range of finger-foods and barbeque snacks besides drinks.

Tattenham Corner: Located in Jehan Numa Palace, 157, Shamla Hills, Bhopal (MP), it is a posh lounge bar with amazing ambience.

High Spirits Pub and Grill: Located on the Van Vihar Road Shyamla Hills, Bhopal (MP), this pub seeks the attention of visitors with its impressive collection of Indian and imported wines and liquors. Its other choices include concoctions for cocktails and Indian and continental snacks besides wonderful drinks.

Willingdon Bar: Located inside Noor Us Sabah at the VIP Road, Koh-e-Fiza in Bhopal (MP) to offer excellent opportunity for drinks.

Ripples Bar: Located inside Hotel Lake View Ashok, Opposite TV Tower Premises, Shamla Hills in Bhopal (MP) for great drinking option.

Although traditional values of this region still overpower the modern approaches several bars have opened in Bhopal city to provide ultimate drinking option to the visitors. They make nightlife a great option hence visitors as well as inhabitants make best use of their evenings and drink choicest wines to celebrate certain occasions or to make nightlife memorable and rewarding.

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