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Monument and Forts in and around Bhopal

Monuments and forts are the most frequent structures that can be visible in Bhopal. A historic city, Bhopal has numerous monuments that makes it more special for visitors. A living example of the glorious Indian culture and heritage, Bhopal has witnessed different stages of history. All the monuments are the integral part of the city and adds to the

History of Bhopal

Bhopal has rich historical background. The historical journey of the city came into being in the eleventh century, when the prominent Raja Bhoja of the Parmara dynasty formed his capital Bhojapal, in the midst of the two striking man made lakes. The prominent period of Bhopal history starts in the time of Nawab Dost Mohammad Khan an Afghan soldier, took advantage of the weakness of later Mugal emperors and annexed Bhopal. 

Bhopal was the only city ruled successfully by four women rulers. The era of Begums that began in 1819 with the accession of Qudsia Begum continued till 1926, when her great great grand daughter Sultan Jahan Begum abdicated in favour of her son, Hamidullah Khan. 

Bhopal witnessed impressive growth during the rule of Begums as gave the city its railways, waterworks, a postal system and a municipality.and then it was ruled by the queens and called as the Begums of Bhopal. Later Bhopal remained under the queens in British India and after Independence after some dictates integrated to the United of India.

Monuments and Forts in Bhopal

Taj-Ul-Masjid in Bhopal

Monuments in Bhopal

Taj-Ul-Masjid refers to the 'Crown of Mosques' dates back to Mughal era. Built by Nawab Shahjehan Begum it is one of the largest mosques in Asia. The famous mosque is known for its grandiose and architecture . 

The mosque with open courtyard with a large tank is one of the most visited by place by Muslims from across Bhopal and India. The Monument also serves as Madarsa or Islamic School and imparts education to the students. A three-day Ijtima congregation held here annually draws people from all over the country.

Address: Koh E Fiza,
Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462001

Jama Masjid of Bhopal

Jama Masjid of Bhopal is a fine-looking mosque constructed by Qudisiya Begum in 1837. The most renowned feature of this fresh-looking monument is the two imposing minarets that are evidently visible to bare eyes even from a long distance. 

This architecture represents the great art and dexterity of Islamic culture. The size of the mosque is although not so huge but the charisma of this structure is beyond narration. Inside the mosque are three spherical cupolas along with a chain of alabaster-white columned arch and a marble interior chamber. There was an extensive overhaul after 1947, when a pool was further added. Having immense significance as a divine place, this mosque is visited by large number of devotees.

Moti Masjid of Bhopal

Historical monument in Bhopal

Another structure that conveys the tale of glorious culture of Bhopal is famous Moti Masjid. The Pearl Mosque of Bhopal though resembles Jama Masjid of Delhi is known for its fine look and delicate architectural designs. Built in 1860 by Begum Sikandar it is one of the precious religious structure in Bhopal. 

It stands majestically in brick red color and has a white - marble facade that adds to its apperances.Two small cupolas on top of the Moti Masjid adds to the pristine beauty of the edifice. Moti Masjid is an example from the glorious chapter of Bhopal and is accesssible from all parts of the city.

Gohar Mahal In Bhopal

The popular monument built by Begum Qudisiya in 1820 is situated near Upper Lake. The palace is a beautiful fusion of the local Hindu and Islamic architecture. The sprawling palace is still intact and draws plenty of visitors.Gohar Mahal depicts and represents the communal harmony during the period. The palace is a unique fusion of Hindu and Islamic culture.

Address: Gohar Mahal, VIP Rd, Nakkar Khana,
Peer Gate Area, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462001

Shaukat Mahal in Bhopal

Famous monument in Bhopal

Shaukat Mahal, another historical monument of importance is located at the Chowk area of Bhopal. Unlike other monuments Shaukat Mahal represents a beautiful combination and fusion of Eastern and Western culture. It was designed by a Frenchman and hence incredibly dissimilar from the remaining Islamic architecture in the region. 

The beauty of the palace lies in post-Renaissance and Gothic type of architecture.Finished with gorgeous white alabaster, Shaukat Mahal features intricately triangular-shaped arches on the ceiling. The external walls of this palace are decorated with fragile flower- patterns that gives the palace an elegant look. Shaukat Mahal formerly was the residing palace of the Nawab of Bhopal. Adjacent to the palace is a brick-red Sadar Manzil that previously served as the hall of communal audience and is bounded by striking gardens.

Sadar Manzil in Bhopal

Sadar Manzil, located adjoining the Royal Enclave, was the noble courtroom during Nawabs rule in Bhopal state. Entry to this hall of communal audience is through a large wooden gate, which escorts into a smaller main gate. The first floor of the main gate has a mammoth terrace balcony, while the succeeding floor has four domes on each corner. The ground and first floors has sequence of rooms but the following floor has only a elevated rise room with a porch used for nighttime watching.

The foremost entry opens into a huge court, with a gorgeous fountain in the center. Overlooking the greenery is a big dais, which formerly used to be the chair of the monarch. Windows have been constructed on every side of the dais for the regal women to look at the court dealings. The rectangular structure has the dais with a open space in the middle with accommodation on sides. Today, this brick-red structure serves as the head office of Municipal Corporation of Bhopal .

Forts in and around Bhopal

Fort of Raisen

Famous monuments near Bhopal

Situated at about 23km from Bhopal and on the top of a hill Raisen is dotted with temples, mosques and plenty of scenic beauty. The mesmerizing view of Raisen Fort has been a key to its tourism. Formerly a Rajput stronghold the history of the famous fort dates back to 16th century when it was captured by Afgan Ruler Sher Shah Suri in 1543 and later by Nawab of Bhopal in 1760. Raisen fort remained under the control of princely state of Bhopal till Indian Independence (1947).The Shrine of Hazret Peer Fatehullah Sahab, a Muslim saint has religious belief and is visited by large number of faithfuls from across different sects.

How to Reach from Bhopal ?

Raisen is well connected by roads to Bhopal. Tourists can use Auto, Cab or Bus to travel to Raisen from Bhopal. It takes less than one hour to travel through road to witness the awesome remains of a magnificent fort.

Ginnorgarh Fort

Built by the Gonds, Ginnorgarh Fort near Bhopal gives on the best adventurous journey of the life. At 61 km from Bhopal, this fort has to be reached on foot from Delawadi. The flawless beauty of the nature and the eye catching architecture of the past will make you speechless. The Ginnorgarh fort is famous for a unique 5 floor pond. The immense bio diversity and greenery of this place has been instrumental in attracting people from all parts of the country and Madhya Pradesh.

How to Reach from Bhopal ?

Ginnorgarh Fort is just 61 km away from the capital Bhopal. An hour and fifteen minutes journey can take you to this place of lush green forest.


Monuments near Bhopal

The Fort and palace of Islamnagar were made by the Rajputs but later captured by Dost Mohammad Khan, an Afgan General. He was famous for his love for nature which is depicted in its civil architecture. The famous attraction of the palace is Chaman Mahal and Rani Mahal.Chaman Mahal surrounded on all sides by lovely gardens houses a hamam (bath) for the use of royalty, which is accessible to the tourists. A Sheesh Mahal near the doorway complemented the Hammam, however, it is closed for visitors.

How to Reach from Bhopal ?

Islamnagar is just 11 km away from Bhopal and it is well connected by roads. It hardly takes less than a hour to reach this historical place from the Capital city of Bhopal.

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