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Things To Do in Bhopal

Bhopal is a city which never ceases to amuse you! The moment you enter to Bhopal,the journey of absolute excitement and enthrallment begins. Bhopal being the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, provides the tourists the opportunity to explore a lot of things. From rich monuments to beautiful lakes and national parks it has all to keep you engaged. Bhopal reflects beautiful blend of Indo-Islamic Influence in its art and architecture. Bhopal is known for its rich and varied heritage. From sighting locations to shopping and amusements there are lots of things to do in Bhopal.

Enjoy Your Trip To Famous Lakes in Bhopal

what to do in Bhopal

The diversified and alluring beauty of nature has been a key attraction of the city for many years. Lakes of Bhopal is the main attraction for the tourist. The Upper lake is one of the most popular hangout destination in Bhopal. Here you can enjoy boating in various types of boats.You can enjoy the splendor and explore the beauty of this lake by renting a boat.The evening view of the setting Sun over the lake is amazing. Lower lake is another popular lake which has been a symbolic tourist attraction for the city.It is surrounded by magnificent hills and provides an aesthetic feeling. This lake is preserved by Madhya Pradesh Tourism for its rich heritage of flora and fauna. Here you can indulge in various adventure water sports activities.

Plan Out A Day To Van Vihar National Park

Fun things to do in Bhopal

Van Vihar National Park established in 1983 and spread about 4.45 km² in area is another place to witness the diversity of nature. This National park is home for several species of exotic plants and animals. This place is majorly popular for the white tiger in natural serenity. Both herbivores and carnivores form the part of this famous Park . While carnivorous animals like panther, tiger, lion, bear, hyena, gharial, crocodiles, snakes are kept in captivity herbivores like deer and antelopes are allowed to roam freely.It is absolutely a thrilling wild life experience in the heart of the modern and urbanized city.

Van Vihar National Park

Address: Palash residency,TT Nagar
Phone: 0755 2766750
E mail: bhopal@mptourism.com
Timing: 7 AM to 7 PM (April to September)
8 AM to 6 PM (Octobor to March)

Prehistoric Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka

Popular places near Bhopal

The prehistoric painting of Bhimbetka Caves at 45 km northeast of the city is one of the best preserved example cave paintings in India.These caves dating back to paleolithic era finds their mention in the list of world heritage sites. The painting reflects various evolutionary stages of human beings.The amazing thing about these paintings are that they are still in a good condition and form a source of study and research,Bhimbetka caves surrounded by dense forest consist of more than 100 caves. Amongst them all only 12 are open for visitors. Here you can explore the remains of human evolution.

Visit Famous Sanchi Stupa near Bhopal

Tourist destinations near Bhopal

Located 46 km north-east of Bhopal Great Stupa of Sanchi is a must visit place near Bhopal. Constructed in 3rd century by Mauryan Emperor Ashoka it is one of the best illustrations of Buddhist architectural exquisiteness in the globe and is listed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Judged as one of the most influencing monument of the ancient period Sanchi Stupa along with its gateways is an epitome of our glorious past.You will certainly get the positive feeling while visiting this religious structure known for its beauty and endurance.

Sair Sapata in Bhopal

Sair Sapata serves as a perfect venue for recreational activities in Bhopal. The complex spread over 25 acres has an appealing musical fountain, children’s amusement area, toy train and a suspension bridge linking Prempura and Sewania. It remains open for most of the day except national holidays. In recent times it has emerged as a favorite spot for both kids and adults.

Address: Van Vihar Rd, Suraj Nagar, Bhopal,
Madhya Pradesh 462044
Entry: Paid
Timings: 9.00 AM - 7.00 PM (All days)

Fish Aquarium in Bhopal

Bhopal popular tourist destination

The famous or the “Machali Ghar” or fish aquarium is a popular tourist spot in the City of Lakes. If you are a fish lover then it is a best place for you to visit. Here you can find variety of species of fishes, turtles and amphibians. The two storied fish like makeup located near Raj Bhavan covering an area of one acre accommodates 66 species of fishes. The ground floor of the fish aquarium houses roughly 26 aquariums with a variety of fishes like Paradise Blue, Rosy Barb, bone fishes. The top floor has 40 varieties of fishes ranging from lakes, rivers and ponds.

Timings: 1 – 8 pm (April – September)
12 – 7 pm (October – March)

Shaukat Mahal in Bhopal

Shaukat Mahal, located at the Chowk area of Bhopal, is a symbol of aristocratic rule in Bhopal . The popular architectural monument is beautiful blend of Indo-Islamic and European styles of architecture. Situated in Chowk in Bhopal, it is visited by thousands of visitors everyday. The outer exterior of the Mahal possess floral patterns that adds to it's beauty. Finished with gorgeous white alabaster, Shaukat Mahal features a sequence of intricate triangular-shaped arches on the ceiling.

Gohar Mahal in Bhopal

Monuments in Bhopal

Gohar Mahal was built by Gohar begum, first women ruler of the city. With a blend of marvelous architecture it reflects both Hindu and Mughal influences. Situated on the bank of upper lake, it provides a amazing view of nature. It is one of the most visited places in Bhopal and is also an epitome of Bhopali culture.

Address: Gohar Mahal, VIP Rd, Nakkar Khana,
Peer Gate Area, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462001
Timings - Opening & Closing: Monday - Friday: 8.00 AM - 6.30 AM , Saturday: 8.00 AM - 6.30 AM , Sunday: 8.00 AM - 6.30 AM , Public Holidays: 8.00 AM - 6.30 AM

Visit to Religious Places

Religious places in Bhopal

Bhopal is a home to many mosques and temples. The city has a unique combination of Hindu and Islamic culture. The beautiful mosques in Bhopal like Jama Masjid, Moti Masjid and Taj-Ul-Masjid can bind you with their divine and beautiful environment. Beautiful temples in Bhopal like Birla Mandir, KhatlaPura Temple and Gufa Mandir are equally attracting and divine.

Enjoy Shopping in Bhopal

Shopping in Bhopal

Visit to the city of Bhopal would be incomplete without shopping. If you are a fabric and craft lover then, Bhopal is the right place for you to shop.The urbanization of Bhopal is taking place at a rapid speed resulting in the upcoming of popular shopping Malls in Bhopal like Ashima Mall, DB Mall and similar other. These market places with all ranges of products serves as perfect venue to shop and dine. Starting from clothes to gift pieces you will have all under a same roof. The places are equipped with all modern facilities. Apart from Malls the popular Chowk bazaar and New market in Bhopal are filled with handicraft items and other popular stuffs. So while your stay in Bhopal visit these markets and make your shopping experience exciting.

Taste the Famous Cuisines of Bhopal

With mouth watering cuisines, Bhopal is a perfect place to satiate your taste buds .Here you can enjoy everything from non-veg Mughlai food to famous vegetarian foods. Everything from continental to Indian and other cuisines are available in famous restaurants of Bhopal. Get the taste of Chicken Tikka, Biryani, Kebabs, Jalebi, Ras Malai etc. at these popular restaurants in Bhopal.

Cuisines of Bhopal

Bhopal is well maintained and managed urban city of India. The famous parks in Bhopal adds to the beauty of the city. The intrinsic beauty of the Chinar Park and the Vardhaman Park is unmatched. Apart from it, the beautiful garden of Sheetal Das ki Bagiya and Kamla Park are popular for their artistic beauty. Today Bhopal attracts people from every corners of the world. With its rich heritage natural beauty and urbanization the city serves as a perfect gateway tourist destination in Madhya Pradesh .

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