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Tourist Places Near Bhopal

Whenever you are in Bhopal do not miss out to visit some of the most famous places including Sanchi Stupa , Bhimbetka Caves and more. The state capital of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal is surrounded by some of the most popular historical monuments and places. 

There are several places in and around Bhopal which are considered as favorite tourist attractions. So, if you are planning for Bhopal then you will definitely going to enjoy your vacation. All the places have their unique attractions and can be easily reached from capital city of Bhopal. Let us know more about those places located near to Bhopal.

Popular Tourist Destination Near Bhopal

Sanchi Stupa

Tourist destination near Bhopal

Sanchi Stupa since old days has catched the attention of the passersby and onlookers. Till date it has retained its fame and charm amongst the tourists irrespective of nationality and sect. This is evident from the fact that Sanchi Stupa often finds mention in the travel list of tourists visiting Madhya Pradesh.The famous monument stood only 46km away from Bhopal. 

The great Emperor Ashoka, built the stupas in the 3rd century BC. The monuments symbolize the height Buddhism attained during that time in India. This place is one of the important religious places for all Buddhists and thousands of tourists and devotees come here to visit the Stupas. 

Being one of the best illustrations of Buddhist architectural exquisiteness in the globe, the Sanchi Stupa is listed in World Heritage Site chosen by UNESCO. Among the Stupas built by the Emperor, the Stupas of Sanchi were preeminent in architectural splendor and magnificence. It depicts the architectural prosperity of the country during that period.

Important Facts:

Distance from Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) to Sanchi (Madhya Pradesh) is 66 km. You can hire a taxi cab to reach this historical destination. Time taken by road is1 hr.

Kerwa Dam

Kerwa Dam near Bhopal city is a scenic picnic spot and is located just 17 km from Bhopal off Kotra Sultanabad. It is perfect place to plan your vacation. Plan your day to this unique eco-tourism site. With various species of flora and fauna the dam maintains a natural wilderness and beauty. 

In recent years the dam has become a hot spot for adventure tourism. Enjoy adventurous sports like tracking, diving, and lots more in the natural surroundings. Today this park is attracting tourist from across Madhya Pradesh and India. Get the view of the forest area, and the marshy lands. Spot monkey, beautiful birds and more in the forest area of the dam.

Important Facts

Distance from Bhopal to Kerwa Dam is roughly 17 km. You can hire a taxi cab to reach this beautiful destination. Time taken by road is1 hr.

Bhojeswar Temple, Bhojpur

Tourist places near Bhopal

This temple is a famous religious place for the Hindus. The largest Shiva Lingam of India is worshiped in the temple of Bhojpur. This temple work that started in 11th was never completed even after centuries. The 18 feet tall Shiva lingam is the main attraction of the tourist and it has been crafted out of a single rock.

Bhojpur also has an incomplete Jain temple that attracts devotees from far and wide . Apart from the religious importance, this place is famous picnic spot. The dam made by Raja Bhoj is very famous amongst all those looking to enjoy water sports in Bhopal.

Important Facts

Bhojpur is 30 km away from Bhopal and it takes around 30-45 minutes to reach Bhojpur via road.

Fort of Raisen

Raisen located 23 kms from Bhopal, and is known for the Raisen fort and the Durgah of Raisen. A fort on the top of a hill with temples, mosques and plenty of scenic beauty has been one of the most visited places in Madhya Pradesh. The fort was built with rocks and houses a large water reservoir .Take out your time to have a glimpse of royal life in the Fort of Raisen. Raisen fort a stronghold of Rajputs till 16th century was captured by Afgan Ruler Sher Shah Suri in 1543 and later by Nawab of Bhopal in 1760. Raisen fort was then under the control of princely state of Bhopal till Indian Independence (1947).

Important Facts

Raisen is well connected by roads to Bhopal, Itarsi and Vidisha. Tourists can use Cab, Auto or Bus to travel to Raisen from Bhopal. It takes less than one hour to travel through road to witness the awesome remains of a magnificent fort.

Bhimbetka Caves

Famous places near Bhopal

The extensive caves of Bhimbetka are situated 45 km northeast of the city. The caves are believed to be inhabited by Homo erectus more than 100,000 years ago. You can still found appealing Stone Age rock paintings on the walls of the cave which are said to be approximately 30,000 years old.The paintings of Paleolithic age depict immense pictures of animals like tigers, bears and rhinoceroses.This is UNESCO recognized world heritage site. Tourist and visitor planning to visit Bhopal for vacation or any other reason must take out sometime to explore these spots having imprints of time in the form of paintings.

Important Facts

Extensive caves of Bhimbetka are situated 45 km northeast of the city and it takes about 1 hr to reach this place of historical importance.


Islamnagar Palace was built by Dost Mohammad Khan. Being a lover of nature, he made this palace abode of greenery. The famous attraction of the palace is Chaman Mahal and Rani Mahal.Chaman Mahal surrounded on all sides by lovely gardens houses a hamam (bath) for the use of royalty, which is accessible to the tourists. A Sheesh Mahal near the doorway complemented the Hammam, however, it is closed for visitors.

Right next to the Chaman Mahal lies the two storied Rani Mahal once the living palace of the queens who accompanied the royal men during their vacations. It is a rectangular building with deep arches. It has a beautiful baradari inside.

Important Facts

Islamnagar is just 11 km away from Bhopal and it is well connected by roads. It hardly takes less than a hour to reach this historical place from the Capital city of Bhopal.


Popular destination near Bhopal

A hill station situated at 1100 ft. on Satpura hills is a calm and soothing place with mountains and green forest. A stay in this place is surely going to refresh your body and soul. The beautiful natural landscapes, charisma of waterfalls and tall mountains adds to the charm of every tourist visiting Pachmarhi. The trip to Bhopal will be incomplete without visiting 'Queen of Satpura', Pachmarhi.

Important Facts

Pachmarhi is about 200 km from Bhopal. Direct buses are available from Bhopal and it takes around 5-6 hours to reach this beautiful tourist destination near Bhopal.


Delawadi is a famous picnic spot near Bhopal and is known for its lush green forest. It has emerged as a famous spot for those looking for adventure sport. The perfect place for tracking and camping Delwadi is a forest area with full of biodiversity adjoining to Ginnorgarh fort. The Ginnorgarh fort is famous for a unique 5 floor pond. This has been a hot spot for the tourists from the past. Tourists can also visit Ratapani Sanctuary (entry fee: Rs. 400). Enjoy sip of the coffee inside the cafeteria set up and maintained by Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation. There has been a seven double-bed tents and pagodas in Delawadi for get-together. The tourism department also organizes camping and Trekking in the forest.

Important Facts

Delwadi is just 65 km away from the capital Bhopal. An hour and fifteen minutes journey can take you to this place of lush green forest.


Tourist spots near Bhopal

The unique combination of natural beauty and enriching heritage gives Udaigirhi a must visit place in Madhya Pradesh. Udaygiri at Vidisha is famous for its caves built in the era of Great Emperor Chandragupta II of Gupta dynasty. Most of the caves are dedicated for Hindu and Buddhist religion. The place is blessed by history and nature and one of the must visit place of Madhya Pradesh.

Important Facts

This place is also well connected to Bhopal and is situated at around 60 km from the capital city. A journey of couple of hours can take you to the ancient land of the Gupta Dynasty.

There is no way you can ignore Bhopal after knowing the places in and around the city. If you love to travel and explore then Bhopal has to be one of your must visit destination. So, pack your bags to explore the beauty of this part of Central India.

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